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African Civil Aviation

Meetings and Conferences

(13 - 14 Nov 2019, Dakar - SENEGAL) YD Day 20th Anniversary of YD & 50th Anniversary of AFCAC

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Trainings and Fellowships

(17-18 July 2019, Addis Ababa - ETHIOPIA) CASE Project Workshop on Cargo and Mail Security

(29 July - 02 Aug 2019, Yaounde - Cameroon) 17th AFCAC-CAAS On-Site SMS Implementation

Malaysia - MTCP Fellowships AFCAC Member States 2019

GCAA International Cooperation Training Plan

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This Strategic Objective of AFCAC is designed to enhance Civil Aviation Security and Facilitation in Africa through the establishment of a strong Aviation Security System in Africa.

In collaboration with ICAO, AUC and other Partners, AFCAC assists States in addressing security related deficiencies and findings following the ICAO Universal Security Audit Programme – Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) which is aimed at promoting global aviation security through continuous auditing and monitoring of the aviation security performance of member States. This is achieved through the Team of Experts of the RASFALG-AFI and ICAO technical assistance programmes. Furthermore, member States are encouraged to establish their National Committees on Civil Aviation Security and the required approved National programmes.


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