The Premises

African Civil Aviation Commission /Commission Africaine de L’Aviation Civile
Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport Road - B.P: 8898 Dakar, Senegal

The new building of AFCAC was inaugurated on 16 December, 2010 by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Senegal Mr. Karim Wade.

The structure was built and donated by the Government of Senegal to the African Civil Aviation Commission to serve as its Headquarters. It is a three story building shared with the ICAO Regional Office.

AFCAC is on the ground floor of the building. The two entities share on the second floor, a big conference room which can hold up to 200 people.


Inauguration of the new AFCAC building on 16 December 2010,
by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport of Senegal Mr. Karim WADE.
In the foregroung is the ICAO Secretary General among other dignitaries.


AFCAC Meetings and Conferences

(25 March 2016, Dakar-Senegal) One-Day Symposium on Aviation Environment and Climate Change

Previous Meetings

Trainings and Fellowships

(30May-03June 2016, Lagos-NIGERIA) AFCAC-CAAS ON-SITE Programme Safety Oversight Inspectors

Singapore Trainings and Fellowships (AFCAC)

(22-26 Feb 2016, Addis Ababa - Ethiopia) Cooperative Inspectorate Scheme (AFI-CIS) Orientation. Refresher Workshop

Last Trainings


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Leopold Sedar Senghor B.P.: 8898 Dakar, Sénégal