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Strategic Objective A-Air transport

To foster sustainable development of Air transport in Africa

Facilitating, coordinating and ensuring the successful implementation of
the Yamoussoukro Decision by supervising and managing Africa`s
liberalized air transport industry.
Promote and Encourage development of sustainable air transport system
in Africa.
Promote and Encourage development of sustainable air transport system
in Africa.
Coordinate, promote and supports the sustainable development of Air
transport with in African Civil Aviation to facilitate and accelerate the
integration and free movement of people and goods.
To promote and encourage the development of common African civil
aviation policy.

Consumer Protection

Fairness for aviation consumers without imposing unnecessary costs,
to provide consumers with appropriate protection without affecting the
smooth operation of the industry
To facilitate the creation of a forum where all African aviation
stakeholders eg AFRAA, ACI-Africa, etc to discuss and resolve all civil
aviation matters in Africa Competition Rule
Develop and harmonize common rules and regulations for fair

Dispute settlements

Develop and harmonize common rules and regulations for the
the dispute settlement


Global approach in the reduction of greenhouse emission and
managing the environmental impacts of aviation (noise and Emission)
Cooperate with other international bodies with the ICAO leadership in
addressing aviation’s contribution to global climate change.
Encourage African airlines to acquire more environment friendly aircraft
by using the provisions of the Cape Town Convention

AFCAC Meetings and Conferences

Workshop/Seminar on the Development of States’ Action Plans on CO2 Emissions

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Trainings and Fellowships

Singapore Trainings and Fellowships 2017 (AFCAC)

(24-28 July 2017, Yaounde,CAMEROON) Dangerous Goods Safety Oversight Course

(02-06 October 2017, Cotonou, BENIN) Air Operator Certification and Surveillance for Airworthiness Inspector Course

(20-24 November 2017, Bujumbura, BURUNDI) Safety Auditing Techniques Course

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