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AFCAC Objectives


  1. Coordinate civil aviation matters in Africa and to cooperate with ICAO and all other relevant organizations and other bodies which are involved in the promotion and development of civil aviation.
  2. Facilitating, coordinating and ensuring the successful implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision by supervising and managing Africa`s liberalized air transport industry.
  3. Formulating and enforcing appropriate rules and regulations that give fair and equal opportunity to all stakeholders and promote fair competition.
  4. Promoting understanding on policy matters between its Member States and States in other parts of the world.
  5. Fostering inter alia the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices for the safety, security, environmental protection and regularity of the aviation sector.
  6. Ensuring adherence to and implementation of Decisions of the Executive Council and Assembly.



Réunions la CAFAC et Conférences

(Dakar-Senegal,5-7March 2014)AFCAC-EU Joint Workshop on Aviation Cargo

(20-24 January 2014) Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) Aviation Security

Dernieres Conferences


(Addis Ababa, 4-8 November 2013) - Safety Management Systems

Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Awards for AFCAC States

Dernieres Formations


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